Rell warframe

Instead Rell's ASD is seen more as a character trait than an inherent flaw. There is an unfortunately common misconception that ASD is a 'disease' that must be cured cough Autism Speaks cough . ASD is the result of the brain simply being 'wired' in a way so that things are perceived differently, this is simply something that can't really be cured. Rell (Webcomic) The cover of the webcomic. For the character, see Rell.. Rell is the second installment of the Warframe Fragments series released on June 26, 2017. Nine pages long, this webcomic is a tie-in prequel of Chains of Harrow quest, telling a short tale of Rell's origin.. Rell can be found and read at the official website.. Plot Summary Edit. At one point in the Zariman Ten Zero ... The second instalment of the Fragments webcomic series, Rell, was released on the Chains of Harrow teaser site on 26 June 2017, three days before the release of Update 21 and the Chains of Harrow quest.Below is a transcript of the comic, though readers are encouraged to view the comic for free at the Warframe website. Chains of Harrow is a solo-only main Quest featuring the Red Veil and a 'cast out' Tenno named Rell, revolving around the mysteries behind an abandoned Steel Meridian ship, and the horrors that lie within. Completing this quest will reward the player with the blueprint of the Harrow Warframe. The tie-in webcomic prequel, Rell can be found on the official website. Occurs in the second stage of capturing Rell's manifestations 'Capture Rell's Manifestations: Stephano, Uranus' After trapping and killing a manifestation it simply lays on the ground and no mission progress occurs. The instance in the attached screenshot is the second manifestation, this has also occurred on the first. Rell most likely just found the Harrow warframe to be his most trusted surrogate and decided at one point to attempt a full Continuity type deal into the Warframe fully. The full reasons are probably lost, but at least partially this was to help him live long enough to keep an entity he termed 'The Man in the Wall' trapped in the Harrow ... Rell's shadow, the guy you're taking damage from, doesn't really get affected by any warframe ability. You just have to run around and evade him while damaging Rell's emotions slowly. Rell's shadow will stay on your ass for the majority of these missions so it's better to constantly be on the move, utilizing Void Dash as much as possible.

Warframe Operator

2020.10.09 13:03 atsia Warframe Operator

Alright, I've rejoined an old PbP server I was in, and decided to remake my character based on Rell/Harrow from Warframe into more a straight Operator. I've got almost everything down, but I'm stuck on Void Mode. I don't have the pp to make the complete avoidance of damage like that currently, but Concealment all Visual and Aural with the Partial flaw linked to Flight covers the base of it. What I'm stuck on is how to implement it bypassing security systems. I'm debating maybe making it in a Movement Dimensional instead, but that leaving me wondering how to make it have it's physical interaction.
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2020.10.06 12:51 MorteNexus I feel that DE is wasting the potential of Warframe's lore and its characters.

As everyone know, DE has the habit of forget about old content. Among them events and tactical alerts that were vital to developing the Warframe story and giving more participation to some characters. It's a shame that the current in-game story is a nonsense full of plot gaps that doesn't respect the chronology. Let's see some examples:

Alad V

You can read his lore here. Being Alad one of the most important characters in Warframe, his current in-game story is a complete mess.
  1. The first time we hear his name is on the disruption mission on Mars (Alad is supposed to be working only on the Zanuka Project at that time)
  2. The disruption mission in Jupiter is available after completing Natah (taking into account that The Ropalolyst is available after complete Chimera Prologue, the disruption mission should have the same requirement, specially if we take into account all that it had to pass Alad from the Gradivus Dilemma to Shadow Debt, or the experiments with the Wolf of Saturn Six).
  3. After Alad helped us in the Second Dream, we faced his Mutalist version on Eris (this is where the story loses all sense. There is no in-game hint that Alad has been experimenting with the Infestation except for the Patient Zero quest, unless DE tells us that Hunhow is capable of manipulating the infestation)

Operation: Scarlet Spear

During the event I created a new account, and to my surprise after finishing Vor's Prize I received a message from Little Duck advising me of the Sentient invasion, without even progressing through the story. It's not for nothing, but I still believe that this event should be exclusive for those who have completed at least Chimera Prologue, not only because of the lore, but also because the mission got complicated as you reached the last waves. Regarding the story, I have three problems:
  1. With this being the beginning of the Sentient invasion (post-Erra cinematic), it would have been great to see Sentients invading the Origin System (except the Void), like those "random" encounters in Orb Vallis.
  2. What was Sargas Ruk doing on Earth if Vay Hek is supposed to be occupying that planet?


How is it possible that the main Warframe's protagonist doesn't say a single word in most of the quests post-Second Dream? The only times the operator spoke were at the end of Second Dream, The War Within, and The Sacrifice (Apostasy Prologue doesn't count because it only said one word).
They don't even flinch during Octavia's Anthem quest where we face Hunhow and Ordis decides to face him to prevent him from infecting other cephalons. As for the fight with the Ropalolyst where Natah appears, the operator said absolutely nothing. NOTHING!
Another thing: I don't know if you receive this message in your inbox after complete Sands of Inaros, but you should do this quest only if you have completed The Second Dream instead of reach Mastery Rank 5.


Probably those most in need for a rework, these groups lack development as they continue to send us their Death Squads despite the fact that we help them. What's more, they have the potential to develop their story (like Amaryn did after complete The Silver Grove) and change the environment of the game as you progress through the story, for example:
Honestly (and I say it as someone who has played Warframe since mid-2013) I feel bad that DE doesn't give the importance it deserves to the story (and more so knowing everything that has happened until the Second Dream).
What I've enjoyed the most is the lore, the characters and the soundtrack. I never expected such a game to be free, with so much to give even to this day with The Deadlock Protocol, Heart of Deimos and the stories of Parvos Granum and Albrecht Entrati. It's very noticeable that DE still has the potential to create good stories.
But it is a shame that newcomers don't have the privilege that we, Warframe boomers, have had to enjoy an excellent and coherent in-game story, and have to turn to YouTube and the Wiki to learn about Warframe' story. That's what prompted me to post twice on Reddit and the Warframe Forums the idea of ​​bring some events and tactical alerts back to the game, but as quests (if you're interested to know how to fix the story, this is what I proposed).
And if you think about it, "renewing" the Warframe story could be one of the most significant changes in the game: as you progress through the story you will unlock new content, instead of increasing the Mastery Rank whose only function must be to let you use more equipment, earn more daily standing, focus and void fissures, etc. And not only that, DE should have a new and improved "progression system" that allows them not only to identify newcomers and experienced players, but also to respect Warframe's chronology, because being realistic it's completely absurd that you only have to complete Mars Junction to start the Heart of Deimos quest.
One example is Path of Exile, which in The Fall of Oriath update went from having a campaign with 4 acts and 3 difficulties (like Diablo) to a new campaign with 10 acts. And not only that, in the Conquerors of the Atlas update, they completely renewed the endgame story. If Grinding Gear Games (the creators of Path of Exile) were able to change the story of their game, then Digital Extremes can too.
And yes, I know that would be a lot of work for them (especially because of Covid-19) but I want to remind you that even though this pandemic started between February and March if I remember correctly, DE was able to release The Deadlock Protocol and Heart of Deimos updates. Think about it.
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2020.09.21 05:26 teenagecocktail04 why harrow should be the next umbra(plus my story summary)

several years before the lotus learns of rell, a clone was made, though deviant, it was almost a total copy, tel regors gift to the red veil. many died from the birth of the clone, so it lay dormant. in a small vault lie's an unfinished umbra warframe from the old war, a perfect template, for a broken harrow. rell awakens again, but its not his dream. he has a quest to rebuild what was broken. a call from the iron wake, there are no survivors. " rap tap tap tap, am, am I dreaming, am I real"
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2020.09.06 06:21 skyguard1000 Theory: There were no children aboard the Zariman 10-0

After listening to the necraloid lore tidbits, I started thinking.
Specifically when Albrecht Entrati mentions that he sees himself but younger.
What if,as it was supposed to be. No children boarded the Zariman 10-0.
Instead the protections against void exposure fail (possibly similar to a 40k gellar field) and the adults are exposed to the raw power of the warp.
A younger child copy of the adults is created with a child’s thought processes and some of the basic knowledge of the adult. Their imaginations fill in the rest that the adults roaming the ship that look similar to them must be their parents gone mad.
The children born of the void remain sane and do general kid stuff. “…there is singing and laughter and play …”
The adults exposed to the void continuously for a long period of time go utterly batshit crazy. Thus forcing the children to kill them in self defense.
Some how the Zariman is dropped out of the void,or perhaps a copy (as we see the Z. 10-0 in the Planes of Duviri trailer) taking the void born children with it.
The Tenno literally are the void given flesh and the man in the wall we see popping up is our subconscious trying to remind us “who we really are” (because most of warframe’s plot is continuously trying to answer the question “who am I?”)
The man in the wall that Rell was fighting was the copy of Albrecht Entrati left in the void desperate to return to reality. To the memories he had of his family.
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2020.08.23 11:33 AcesofAthens Multiverse Theory

I was just thinking about The Man In the Wall, and how they copy our Tenno's look exactly. Then I started thinking about his/it's involvement with Rising Tides, and then the Duviri Paradox, and finally, the Quills.
From the Quills, we know that there are multiverses in the general Warframe IP. What if The Man In the Wall is our Tenno, but from a different multiverse/timeline? What if the Duviri Paradox is another timeline, where the Zariman 10 never made it out of the Void?
What if The Man In the Wall is from a future where the Sentients win the New War, so they went back in time to guide "themselves" towards victory.
But here's my favorite theory:
The Sentients are losing the New War, so they focus all of their efforts on capturing us (our Tenno), who the Lotus is the most connected to, and who's the most powerful and dangerous enemy they have. They then either brainwash or clone us, and send us back in time to guide ourselves towards an assured Sentient victory in the New War.
They would be pulling a Lotus 2.0, and it's a twist that no one would expect. Imagine being told that The Man In the Wall is you, from the future, here to help you defeat the Sentients. Then, at the very end, you're betrayed. Maybe they make you revive Hunhow in his most powerful incarnation or something.
Also, maybe no one else can communicate with, or even know that The Man In the Wall is there besides you and Rell. Rell had some special ability to sense and talk to it, meaning maybe Rell had the ability to sense beings from alternate timelines/realities, while you can because, well, they're you. From the future. You have a connection with them. Rell saw what The Man In the Wall was going to cause, so he binded it to him.
Maybe The Man In the Wall has gone mad from the alternate future, watching all of his/her friends and loved ones die brutally before them, and finally, being turned into a puppet, just like the Warframes themselves. How ironic...
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2020.06.02 11:46 ttylerrocks4u2 Ballas and the creation of the Umbral's

Hello, Tenno.
Today I have comprised a short story if you will revolving around my current Fashion Frame. I made a post a while back about it and how it looked, while going much unnoticed. I decided to revisit this post and add some lore into this frame designs creation.
If you wish to share this with DE please go ahead. In fact I have plans to even make a full cinematic revolving around this lore filled frame I have created. I truly wish this would be implemented into the game. It would go so perfectly with the current lay out revolving around not only the story but the recent events surrounding warframe. Even those stemming from the 2019 warframe trailer.

Enjoy! But, Also be aware there are spoilers interwoven around this story.

Story for Umbral Volt
The overview is the three starter characters currently(retcon) are Ballas experiments.
With the creation of the sentients and death of Margulis. Ballas began to finalize the warframe program through "transference" creating the warframes to fight the Sentient. But unknown to the Orokin though Ballas filled with hate for Magulis death began to plot against the Orokin. Thus Experiments began. The first a failure was Umbral Excal. Orginally a dax warrior, but through experimentation and sentient technology came to life. But the strand was primitive and not complete thus was uncontrollable. After the failed attempt, Ballas attempted a second time. This is the tale of Umbral Volt.
Ballas: Much was learned from the failed Frame.
Hunhow: You mean Excal.
Ballas: Yes, I now have a much more improved strain along with your sentient technology. I have created a new being.
I call Him Volt.
Imbued with sentience and transference. He became the embodiment of Sentient and Orokin Technology. Being tied to the trails involving "transference" Volt became controllable or so they thought.
Ezra: I am Ezra. Survivor and leader of the group called the tenno. I am the one who led the group of survivors from the Zariman Ten Zero Incident. We killed or outcasted any one who was inferior including the one they called Rell.
Ballas:(narrator) Ezra was a leader. He was determined. He knew what had to be done.
Ballas:(narrator) I saw in him the answer to my failure.
Ezra: I serve the Orokin. To be the best. To be recognized.
Ballas:(narrator) I had big plans for Ezra.
Ezra went on to fight many battles against Sentient, Grineer, and foe alike. However, in his pursuit of duality. To be recognized as the greatest tenno the unknown affliction began to wear at him. His pride began to overwhelm him.
Ballas: Ezra you have fought many battles and defeated many enemies. As such the Orokin have noticed and granted me a gift to give to you.
Ezra: I accept their gift. I am the best, I Have no equal.
Ballas takes Ezra away. Ezra is taken to a hidden place and becomes unconsious. It is here Ezra is then imbued with the new strain.
Ballas: You There Ezra? Can you hear me?
Ezra:(vision blurred) I hear you Ballas. Why do I feel different.
Ballas: I have administered a special strain of the Helmith.
Ezra: I feel different I feel Power.
Ezra: With this i shall show them.
Ballas: *smirks*
Unbeknownst to Ezra due to his new gift he would not ever be accepted by the Orokin. The Orokin are fixated with the Idea of perfection or duality. Ezra, so full of pride, became blind to this fact.
(The Ballas Debacle)
This is the battle shown in the opening trailer. Ezra is the Volt that is seen killing enemies. While grineer at first the dax then began to attack him. But pushing forward without question Ezra dispatches all who stood before him without question. Inferior to him. Along his side was the Excal whos story we know and mag.(The girl is the one who tried to help rell into the group before Ezra pushed him out again.)
After the battle the 3 were ripped from there frame by Ballas. Unbeknownst to them however. They were the 3 experiments that were conducted as a means to destroy the Orokin for the death of Margulis.( There will be retcons to Excals story as he was a Dax soldier originally, but he lacked the transference process he simply had the Helmith strain)
Ezra: (Regaining Conciousness) Where am I? Why do I feel different? My body what have you done?
Ballas: It had to perform more procedures. Do you remember what happen?
Ezra: I remember the Grineer they were trying to take control of a Orokin Outpost. But then I was attacked by the Dax. Without hesitation I slayed them without question to show them that I was superior with the gift given by the Orokin. They were deemed unfit.
Ballas: Oh dear. It seems that the Orokin have rejected you. They saw you as a threat and sought out to destroy you.
Ezra:Me a Threat! I am Ezra leader of the tenno. Survivor of the Zariman Ten Zero Incident. I will show them.
Thus Umbral Volt was born. The Hybrid of both Sentient and Umbral qualities.
To be continued!.


The overall premise is that Ballas after the death of Margulis despised and hated the Orokin. The events that followed eventually led to Ballas betraying them. Through his experiments which I have simplified to 3 to revolve around the 3 starter frames.(coincidence I know)
However, All of Ballas's Experiments are failures of themselves. They in the end do not achieve his end goal. The Old war came and went without much involvement of his experiments. Due to I believe Ballas need for perfection and premise of Duality. He could not deem them fit in the end. While they may have played a role in the lore of the overall story of warframe this simply add depth into the lore.
Ezra was created with the concept of Narcissism. He was so full of himself that no matter the cost if it meant for him to be noticed he would do anything. He was blinded by his own pride. The helmith strain which created anger and eventually led Umbral Excal down a path of revenge and hate was because he lacked the "transference" which would bring control.
This was inspired by bringing in points already made by another tenno we are familiar with called Rell. Rell was one of the survivors of the Zariman Ten Zero Incident. However during this the void messed with him and gave him what rebecca and even steve later called a case of Asperger's or Autism. So the Void seems to have the ability to create behaviors that could impair the tenno. So its not far to say some one like Ezra couldn't succumb to a bout of narcissism given the conditions and unknown mysterious nature of the Void.
With Umbral Volt. I want the story to captivate people. The story of being falsely led by Ballas who in the end manipulated Ezra to become a sentient being. That his blindness led him to become estranged. To the point that with his new found power He himself would be above Ballas. But we knowing Ballas would not agree to this. The end of Umbral Volt would be a sad one. Betrayed by his creator. But, even to his dying breath all he wanted to be was number one. I am thinking of maybe involving that mag into his story. As mentioned there was a female among those group of survivors of tenno. That girl tried to bring Rell into the group. I would like to think that girl would be the embodiment of selflessness. Perhaps Mag in the end saved him.
Updates due to feed back to bring some plot holes explanation:

Please feel free to comment or make suggestions.
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2020.05.09 02:00 desmaraisp Warframe Revised: Railjack Revisited (Part 1): Hotfix 27.4.4
Warframe Revised: Railjack Revisited (Part 1): Hotfix 27.4.4
Railjack Changes & Fixes:
Changes :
Fixes :
This action was performed automatically, if you see any errors, please tell me, my human slave will fix them
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2020.05.07 21:24 Riisandra Warframe Revised: Railjack Revisited (Part 1): Hotfix 27.4.4

Railjack Changes & Fixes
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2020.05.05 22:53 Riisandra Warframe Revised: Railjack Revisited (Part 1): Hotfix 27.4.3

Railjack Changes & Fixes
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2020.04.28 19:55 FTC_Publik Puppets all the way down

Something I want to talk about now that Scarlet Spear is wrapping up is Warframe's story, specifically the lack of Tenno characters. The Tenno and a larger Tenno society are mentioned throughout the lore. Some examples:
  1. "[Nova's] very existence is a result of Tenno High Council research."
  2. "Tenno warriors have aligned to construct secret temples of their own. The architecture within is distinctly Tenno in origin..."
  3. Loading screens offer tips from Tenno Councillors.
  4. Warframes other than the player are shown in the 2013 E3 trailer.
So clearly the player is not alone out there, and enough of a society exists or existed for the Tenno to create their own style of architecture. Yet the only Tenno character we've had directly shown in the story in seven years is Rell and - spoiler alert - he dead. This is one of the areas where I think Warframe's story is most lacking, and it results in the title of this post: puppets all the way down.
The Warframes are puppets dancing on Tenno strings. But the Tenno are puppets dancing on the Lotus' strings. And Ordis makes a copy of her when she abandons the Tenno, making Purple Lotus a puppet dancing on Ordis strings who dances on Tenno strings. Teshin was a puppet dancing on the Queens strings, and Alad was a puppet dancing on Corpus strings that then danced on Infested strings and then briefly his own strings and is now back to dancing on Natah's strings. Natah is a puppet dancing on Erra, Ballas, and maybe even Hunhow and her mom's strings. And for all we know, Erra is a puppet dancing on Ballas' strings! And one layer deeper, everybody is a puppet dancing on Quill strings because they know the future or some shit.
It's just not a very interesting way to write the story. There's always some shadowy someone puppeteering in the background, and you can be sure that anything that happens in the story is really being caused by someone else. Erra is probably being used by Ballas to trick Natah into killing the Tenno, and when we confront Ballas about it he's going to say it's because Lotus' mom made him do it, and she's gonna say she did it because the Man In The Wall needs to be stopped, etc. etc.
Compare this to Destiny 2, which has a very similar plot progression. The Traveller is attacked and blown up and Guardian society loses their reason to exist. But because they have a society they can continue forward without dropping a beat. Bungie has invested in characters like Cayde, Zavala, and Ikora which gives Guardians definition beyond the Traveller. But in Warframe, when the Tenno lose their reason to exist there's nothing left to pick up the pieces. For all the years of hinting at a larger Tenno society, there's nothing to actually step in and keep the ball rolling when Lotus goes out to get a pack of cigarettes. The Tenno High Council is silent. There are no Tenno heroes to take charge. DE clearly realized that not having a leader would be a problem, and all they could come up with was having Ordis create Purple Lotus, most likely only because it was practical. And moving forward in the story since then, even an existing character like Teshin who was well-positioned to support the Tenno in a mentoring role was passed over for the new face-of-the-week.
Maybe I just have a case of Destiny-envy. Those guys have all these heroes to gush about and lore to pour over, and they've got a rich and fleshed-out world to exist in. I wish we had that.
Wouldn't it be cool if, after waking up and recovering your Liset, your first task is to fly to a Relay and present yourself to the Lotus? And some Warframe bodyguard stops you, but Lotus waves you through and welcomes you in? And then throughout your play you come across other Tenno characters, like the first time you do a Sabotage on Mars an Ash drops in and shows you the ropes. Or during an event a Tenno war hero appears like Destiny's Saint-14? "Ah, this is where Friar-15 singlehandedly crashed that Fomorian during Eyes of Blight" as you walk through its wreckage. Passing through the Relays you see statues immortalizing that time Councillor Id stole a Corpus wealth-yacht and took it on a joyride through the system, or the time Big-tough McStrongfeet safely carried a boat full of orphaned Kubrow puppies through a hungry Ghoul birthing field with nothing but a stolen Amprex. And just imagine what happens when you pull Lua out of the Void and everything gets turned upside down. The beefcake Rhino you saw benching Jackal legs on Kronia was actually a little girl, and the Ash on Mars refuses to show his real face out of embarrassment, and for all anyone knows Big-tough's Operator was dead so no one is sure how he's still functioning. Teshin can be found in the relays training Tenno to fight without their Warframes, which eventually builds us up to be warriors fighting alongside our awakened Umbral frames. When the Lotus disappears you're summoned by the High Council, and as you walk in the bodyguard from the beginning is slumped dejected in a corner. The Tenno Clans and Syndicates start to fragment and bicker without their leader, and then the Sentients show up for The New War leading to an uneasy alliance as you and Teshin rally the charge to counter them. The story writes itself, dude. There's no end of things that could be done or stories to tell if the Tenno just had some substance.
That's all I really wanted to say, it's something that's been on my mind. I don't really have any suggestions for addressing any of this, either. We've gone far too long without any Tenno characters to have any appear at this point so DE would have to retcon a lot of lore, though maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing. They're already reworking the introductory content, so doing a Warframe Story Revised by chronologically revisiting old events and lore as permanent additions would give them a chance to create one retcon to rule them all. But that is highly unlikely to happen, so at the very least I just hope that in the future DE can pick up the story threads they keep dropping to themselves and actually make something cohesive instead of just dumping everything onto Little Prick.
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2020.03.06 04:16 Traphouse_Savage PSA Ending of Chains of Harrow currently bugged

Couldn't find anything on here over the last week about this so I assume this is new.
For anyone doing the Chains of Harrow questline the final confrontation with Rell is bugged. If you die in the temple section while out of your Warframe you cannot revive in addition the UI turns white.
You could just 'git gud' and not die but that's definitely too hard for me so for me I'm locked out of getting to Railjack until this is fixed but thought I'd warn anyone else about this.
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2020.02.29 21:13 ArseneArsenic Question about Operator status of other Tenno

KIA list as far as I know: Inaros, Mirage, Limbo, Revenant(?), Gara, Titania, and Atlas.
All of them are mentioned as being incapacitated or killed during their associated quests, but considering the fact that Harrow/Rell's situation is explicitly stated to be abnormal, does this mean that these Warframes' Operators are still around, dreaming? Are we ever going to meet other Operators besides other players?
Semi-related, but this also makes me wonder about the status of Stalker's acolytes, and the Chroma we fight during the New Strange.
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2020.02.18 01:57 Mr-Fedora I believe that Limbo's original operator is the man in the wall.

Okay so like, I ain't played warframe since emperyean was finished, and I spent more time in conclave than the rest of the game, but I mained Limbo.
There's evidence that Rell's pal, the man in the wall, is his old operator.
Limbo had the power to jump between dimensions, he could only travel to the rift through the void, since the rift was the literal shadow of the void. Material plane isn't connected to the void the way the rift is.
This means Limbo always had to take the long way around to get to the rift (granted its worth doing since literally no warframe other than Hildryn can have energy without the rift, lore...)

In the lore, his operator was, to say the least, a smug bastard. A daredevil. But he was also a scientist, he knew how this stuff worked, so it's possible that he tried to take a shortcut and ended up stuck in the wall between the material plane and the void. It's very possible he discovered an entire plane.
His operator can now move to one edge of the wall - the void - to talk to Rell faintly, or the other - material plane - to harass the player.
This is likely why the quest that introduces us to Limbo is called The Limbo Theorem. He had a theory that he could take a "shortcut" from the material plane directly to the rift.
This still has potential to be proven, since all the situation means is that the operator himself didn't make it, none of this means that nobody can. It may still be possible.
As you can tell I was a die-hard and try-hard Limbo main. I even had an Umbral build.
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2020.01.24 23:51 Wyrdean (War-)Frames Ranked in Order of How Much Pubic Hair I Think They Have

sry for poor formatting and grammar

42 - Wisp

The whole idea started with Wisp - who would have guessed. First i thought it would be a tie between her and Ember since there both are flaming hot girls. However i put Wisp slightly above Ember since she is, more or less a ghost, an etherial beeing - which means she doesnt have a body to grow hair on the first place.

40 & #41 - Ember and Harrow

Harrow was kinda difficult, ive debated quite a while over him - on the one hand he is something like a priest who strictly shaves himself (haven't seen much priests pubes in my life) on the other hand since Rell gave up his body - he is like Wisp, incapable of growing hair to begin with.
This one is easy. Ember is THE fire girl; she surrounds herself with fire to burn enemys and her pubic hair away - making her completly hairless.

39 - Garuda

This blood fetishist always takes the opportunity to shave her entire body (and pubes) to the point of which they bleed.

37 & #38 - Volt and Gauss

Since both are fast frames, both should have a streamlined form of pubic hair to reduce the frictiondoes a frame wear pants?. However to gain advantage in a race one will perhaps shave them of to be as aerodynamic as possible.

36 - Nezha

Nezha is also a fast frame which first puts HIM near Volt and Gauss however, he is also known for his survivability. This puts him just blow the previous mentioned, because he most defently doesnt have time to shave his pubes, while saving others.

35 - Nekros

This might be a little bit controversal but it is still my opinion. I think daddy death isn't quite shaved down there. Dont get me wrong, i dont think that there are a lot of pubes to begin with since they mosly die in the process of growing - however due his ability of summon shadows of the dead, he will most likely summons some from time to time.

34 - Banshee

A stealty and silent frame. Her body and her pubes are prefectly trimmed to reduce every sound - making her a completly silent. Due to her knowledge of beeing perfectly shaved she also pinpoints our enemys weakpoints. She is also that kind of frame which wails loudly if she sees a Frame with pubes like #8 and below.

32 & #33- Mag and Nova

Mags pubes are like her impact in game - not relevant a standart to norm every frame in this list. However i imagine her quite shaved due her adolescent appreance.
Nova is a quite difficult pick. However i put her in this spot, because she can manipulate her growth speed - when putting atleast 145 Power Strengh on her she slows the growth down upto 75% meaning she most likely dosent want pubes to begin with.

31 - Ivara

Beeing a stealty frame, she is mostly invisible when farming intrisics affinity; almost nobody knows how her pubic hair looks like. But due to first-hand information, i have seen shes also quite shaved to impress the male stealth frames.

29 & #30 - Loki and Ash

Quite a hard decision between the two Male stealh frames, however i valued Ash over Loki since he, due to his ninja codex, is obligated to have nice trimmed pubic hairs.
Loki is a trickster, which means he has no to little pubic hair, but when he is in the mood he goes full jungle biom - but still he tries to impress other stealth frames, which means he most likely has also a nice trimmed area (most of the time).

28 - Zephyr

Birds have feathers, but it is still quite fethery down there.

27 - Hildryn

I imagine Hildryn to have some sort of millitary or bodybuilder background. This includes some form of self-discipline - keeping her pubes firm and proper to sustain good in battlefield or in a changing room in your local Gym.

26 - Excalibur (Umbra)

Excalibur is the fan favorite due him beeing everyones starter frame of choice. While not directly stated in-game lore entries he defenatly has sex on the daily basis. Having so many sexy skins to equip he is most defently the Barney Stinson of this game. While this is true he has a nice and clean pubic area, not too long and not to short - a fan favorite hairstyle and even the developers put a live replica of him in the studio because of it.

25 - Octavia

As a musican shes always prepared for some spontanious music gigs, thats why she has always has nicely groomed pubic area. But when meet in the rare instances, in which she isn't, she crouches out with her 3, leaving you alone like the registerd loser you are.

23 & #24 - Mirage and Nyx

Elegant, sophisticated and a nice lengh - nice. Thats what they told me even though im not quite sure about it since my head hurts. Those are 2 (mind-)manipulative frames, never showed anyone their pubic area, which makes their pubes are more protected secret, than the wig of Donald Trump.

22 - Revenant

Sleek and elegant, spiked with some sentient energy to appeal some Eidolon Hunters. His kinda shortly groomed pubic area also help him to reduce any friction when spinning like a Beyblade.

21 - Equinox

Since this frame is all about duality i imagine them having in one form a elegant pubic area and in the other form some messed up one. But why spot #21? Simple its in the middle of the 42 frames - perfectly balanced as all things should be.

20 - Limbo

Well he most likely appears to be a stage magican and we all know how their pubes are.

19 - Mesa

Nice pubes even through she shaves them with her guns - what a maniac. But to her defense, she uses auto-aim to shoot them off.

17 & #18 - Vauban and Trinity

Those 2 where hard to seperate. Trinity has an amazingly groomed pubic area because if she cuts slightly wrong she uses her blessing to restore their initial leght.
Vauban on the other hand, can trow out Rollers while he cuts his pubes in perfect condition - some might say that his rework also affectet his pubic hair to get it to this amazing state.

15 - Inaros

There are many things to hurt this frame but none to kill him. This simple rule also applies to his pubes. Those have some amazingly regenerative abilities which makes them easy to cut but difficult to substain a certain lengh. Also his pubes are all swirly due to him always spamming his 3.

16 - Wukong

This chimp has some medium lengh pubes. Nicely trimmed to match the lengh of his fur. However Hygene isnt his strengh - he mostly scratches his pubic area and sniffs on his fingers, due to its smell he falls of a brach making him a vial hit on YouTube.

14 - Khora

This crazy cat lady likes her pubes like her Kavat - hairy and well groomed even if she has to do it herself. Personal hygene while exessive grooming is very important to her.

13 - Gara

She shatters every mirror she comes in contact with, so shaving might be a problem down there. However her Glassstorm naturally 'trims' her pubes in an awful way. Furthermore her lengh is determined by her beeing a Thai - have you seen her codpiece?

12 - Baruuk

This peacefull frame never harms anyone. His pubes are grown and trimmed the free-spirit way, also he has dreadlocks down there - change my mind.

11 - Titania

The fairy of this game. Due to her love to nature she doesnt shave her pubes, but she still hasnt much pubics compared to the fairy king.

10 - Chroma

Chroma is a Dragon Warrior through and through, but im setting him higher in this list since his pubes (like himself) have to be damaged to become even more stronger.

9 - Grendel

He eats all the time so there is no time to shave and having some pubes makes him fall softer when he is in his Pulverize ability. That ability also prevents him from going further because there is always some loss of hair when he rolls downhill due to wear and tear (there isnt any slider for him).

7 & #8 - Rhino and Atlas

Both frames are devoted to get stronger and tougher. I dont think that due to their wild natures they have good grooming habits. Also have you seen Rhinos bulge?

6 - Saryn

Its common knowledge that she has dense and contagious pubes. She does not only spread her Spores at enemys. She most likely infects friendly frames with her Spores, when she isnt carefull enough.

5 - Hydroid

Hydroid is a pirate, those where notorious for their unshaved, unwashed, wild and dense pubes.

4 - Nidus

I dont even wanna know how the situation is down there. But i think that due his infested origin that his pubes are quite long and dense and with a lot of little maggots to keep them clean. This ability makes him immune to all kinds of STDs diseases.

3 - Valkyr

This bich crazy. I dont think she ever cared for her pubes while on her rampage. Thats the reason why there all fuzzy and there isnt any Hygiene down there - maybe thats the reason she screams all the times, STDs are even in the World of Warframes a real thing.

2 - Oberon

Oberon is the King of the Faries and the Forest he Protects, therefore he didnt shaved it once in his lifetime, to habe his own pubic forest. He is truly in touch with nature and would never go against it.

1 - Frost

Frost is clearly #1. His frostly abilities are directly from Vikings. Those known for their long beards (and also their pubics). With that said i imagin him having the biggest and densest pubics there are due to his cold nature.

This finally concludes my long list. I think it's a solid list, but I would love to hear constructive feedback on it and/or information that I may have missed. Also this post was inspired by a similar post made with Apex Legends.

Also Mods please don't permaban.
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2020.01.18 00:11 utputeiapyssi Is the Man in the Wall really our enemy?

So I've been diving into the lore of Warframe for quite a while now. Recently, I'm shifting from universal lore to state or the game and stuff similar and after reading so many posts concerning The Man In The Wall and Rell and The New War I find myself thinking "Maybe TMITW isn't our enemy."
I mean think about it, he's referred to as a Void Demon, a name given to them by the Orokin, who treated the Void as a space and a resource, instead of the thing it is (let's not forget the void is a living thing). As for the events with Rell it's my belief that TMITW was trying to somehow offer assistance but Rell wasn't able to mentally reconcile with whatever it is he did. Especially since Railjack came out and hearing some new voice lines, namely "Something's out there kiddo... watching us." I don't know if it's just me but I think TMITW is expressing concern and worry for the operator, saying something that even he doesn't know is there.
I also think Cephalon Cy's ambiguous dialogues when a player attempts to interact with the void drive isn't directed at TMITW, but what TMITW references; it stands to reason that if TMITW doesn't know what's watching us, but is aware of its presence, Cy would also be aware. This is why he says " crew, a color you have never seen. Imagine it. That is where you are." I believe this is also not necessarily directed at the crew. Yes, Cy obviously says crew in the beginning, but maybe this is just Cy bringing our attention to the issue here. The color we cannot describe might be where this thing is watching us from.
I could go on with other examples forever but I'd love to have someone elses opinion on this. It's really been bothering me lately and I can't seem to find anyone else thinking of this as a possibility.
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2019.12.25 06:14 sir_deadlock (spoilers) I think it's possible that Natah and Margulis have always been the same person.

Okay, for sources, I'm working off the wikia for Lotus, Margulis, Tenno, Rell, sentients, infested and Ballas. And of course, a heavy heap of speculation from my own personal interactions with playing.
And to be clear, none of my guesses have been solidly decided or disproven by the events of the game yet. It's all up in the air. I'm only saying it's possible.
So the timeline as I understand it, is (feel free to correct me as I'm not 100% on the order and intersection of events):
And this is where things get more heavily speculative. In the quest we just saw, there's some conflicting information. On the one hand, it seems to imply that Ballas is not the creature we saw in the Chimera Prologue. He's whole, untainted and cooperative. Then there's also the matter that in the moment we saw him interacting with Lotus before, she didn't acknowledge us and Ballas practically walked right through us.
Again, in the quest that just happened, we were there in there room with Lotus. I can't say if we've ever actually been there before or when such an event could have taken place as part of an origin story. It's not clear if we're seeing visions of a possible future or memories of the past, though the wikia seems to think it's memories.
Then there's the glimpses we've seen of previews from Duviri, a realm we fall into mid-void jump where time is fractured and a Zariman ship is still present. Again, could be memories of the past, visions of a possible future or something even more weird, like explaining why there were children found on a ship that was only crewed with adults.
I think... Maybe a reason Ballas' mind dump didn't seem to work like he had hoped, was because perhaps Natah had always been Margulis. Margulis was the disguise she put on the infiltrate an destroy the Orokin empire. So if he attempted to override Natah's identity with Margulis', it would create a disassociating sensation. Where before, she might have known everything from beginning to end, now she's got this hiccup in her memory. She knows she's Natah and she knows she has Margulis' memories, but her own memories feel like a copy because Ballas enforced that Margulis is dominant, not knowing she had always been a fabricated spy. So when Ballas attempted to liberate Margulis' essense from her prison within Natah, Natah regains the dominance she always had, but has the sensation that her time as Margulis was never genuine and is just an implanted memory. So she scorns Ballas, scorns the Tenno and starts events back up from the time before she started being Margulis.
Both Natah and Margulis were compassionate towards the children. Margulis because, I don't know, pity and kindness. Natah because the trip back to the Origin system had made her unable to have children of her own and when she found them she just couldn't kill them.
Yes, it's stated that Natah used Margulis' memories to create her image, but that doesn't mean she didn't already have them. I'm sure you created your current identity from the memories of your past self, it doesn't mean that wasn't you or that you didn't already have them.
It might be possible that the Margulis that was executed was a surrogate body, controlled by Natah from within the cryopod. Perhaps she gained the ability by being in close proximity to the Tenno. Or maybe they got it from her. Or maybe that happened later.
The Tenno are immune to the infestation. That's never fully been explained. The technocytes should be able to infest both living and mechanical things, but it doesn't go after the Tenno, so maybe they're neither somehow?
Maybe Ballas imported Margulis much later. I haven't expressly heard of when Natah first encountered the Tenno or why she chose the path she did with us.
Anyway, like I said, this is speculation. It's something I think has room to be in the it could happen realm. Both the future and past of the Warframe lore aren't cemented and also haven't been fleshed out in detail. There's a ton more unanswered questions about all the things that have happened and why.
They're a fictional work subject to change and retcon. The events we've experienced never actually happened and can change with the stroke of a pen.
Feel free to share your thoughts, but please try to be civil. I know discussing lore can be a passionate topic.
Thank you if you got this far and were willing to hear me out.
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2019.11.29 07:52 son-Jason Warframe- a point of view through a new game dev

so at this point, I've been playing warframe on ps4 for 6 years I'm now 19 and decided inspired by warframes story quests that I became I indie dev I've been learning game development and I'm now working on my first project and after seeing YouTubers quit warframe for many reasons
I now wanna talk about DE content release dates from my experience the first time I got frustrated with de is waiting for the war within and I was pissed on the wait for it on pc so I can wait for it on ps4 now that I've been trying to think of a good first game to release my eyes have opened
thinking of game balance is hard this is my experience I one time spent a week thinking on how to balance my game good it takes a lot then there's animation and making them work then there's coding which I imagine is hard for de I don't have to worry about code as much since I use unreal engine 4s blueprint system but I can see with all this stuff just to make one small game for me anyway its taken me 6 months
one day i decided to imagine having a game at a scale like warframe I can now see how hard it is always having to think bigger to keep the fan base and the devs happy like de has said before keeping the monster that is warframe fed is hard
but that's my opinion anyway now this is the part where I get more personal warframe means a lot to a lot of people for people like me it helps me cope with anxiety/stress I got into warframe at a dark point in my life and it helped me cheer up the quest that touched me the most was chains of harrow I realized how connected i got with the game when I did that quest Rell having autism and being betrayed by the tenno I related a lot to that because I also have autism but my story isn't the only one and how emotionally some people are into the game is why the devs try hard to keep content going and keeping us happy

and if anyone at DE reads this thank you so much for making such an amazing game and inspiring my career choice
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2019.11.25 22:24 Malus_Lupus_Brutus Do our Warframes have souls?

ok so we know souls exist in the canon because of abilities like Soul Punch, and the fact that we can speak to Rell whose soul directly interacts with the player during the events of "The Chains of Harrow" we also know that despite being built in the foundry, all copies of Excalibur Umbra retain sentience, including the memories of his life prior to becoming a warframe. finally we know that DE plan on introducing an item called "Echoes of Umbra" which awakens the sentience in any warframe. Given all of this, it seems to me like every single warframe could be thought of, not as a suit of armor but an individual living being with its own soul (or spirit, or whatever you want to call it) and maybe given enough sentience, with its own personality. I haven't really thought through all the implications of this but it seems like it might be a pretty significant detail if it turns out to be the case. Idk, what do you tenno think?
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2019.09.12 12:20 Andur All is silent and calm (Spoiler)

In the quest Stolen Dreams, we receive this message from the Arcane Machine:
![img](oc0gdf79z4m31 " All-All is silent- Hushed-hushed and empty is-is-is the womb of the sky. All is silent and calm. Hushed and empty is the womb of the sky. ")
Now, as mentioned in the Trivia section in the Wiki, Simaris says (in The New Strange) that the biological signature of the voice is of Tenno Origin.
So, according to lore: it cannot be Natah, it cannot be Hunhow, and it cannot be their Mother. It also doesn't make much sense to be Rell, or the Man in the Wall, or even the Infestation itself (Tenno are immune to it).
That pretty much leaves us with Stalker, right? Hunhow implies in the Second Dream "was I one of these wretched things? You know the answer. You still hate them. You still hate yourself. " that Stalker was Tenno once (and maybe lost the ability to transfer out? Maybe due to losing its battle with The Man in the Wall?). But then it's Codex entry HAS to be wrong, as it clearly states that he was a low Guardian watching the Tenno slaughter the Orokin at Terminus.
What's more: at that point in the story, the only person who knows about the "womb in the sky" (the Reservoir?) is the Lotus. The same Lotus who is helping you complete that mission. Unless some Operator awoke to an empty Womb without her noticing, I guess.
What are your theories?
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2019.07.12 20:18 PotatoMateYT Am I to weak?

I’m only mastery rank 5, excalibur is my strongest warframe.
I’m trying to beat the Chains of Harrow quest but Have only been able to complete the first mission out of three, where I have to capture Rell’s manifestations, am I just too weak? I would grind to where I can beat them easily but I want it to be a little bit of a challenge for me to get Excalibur umbra, so it would really feel like I worked for it…
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2019.07.08 14:22 BloodprinceOZ Why we cannot straight away assume that the ship in the background of Duviri is actually the Zariman 10-0

Throughout the discussion about Tennocon and the reveals, when people talk about Duviri and the ship in the background, many instantly push towards it being Zariman, when there are many points that push more for the ship being something else rather than it being the Zariman, as i will demonstrate here.
Overall the Ship th at is shown in the background looks like the Zariman, it is more safe to assume that it is just a different variant of the same style of ship, similar to how every tenno will soon have the same style of railjack but they will inherently be different based on what items we choose to put on and how we colour them.
The Duviri ship is more orokin compared to images of the Zariman we can find:
this is what the zariman has been shown to look like-
And this is what we see in the trailer
As you can see, there are clear differences between both designs, namely
the duviri ship compared to both the blueprint and the Rell comic
Instead i think that they are both VERSIONS of a ship of the same style as shown here , they appear to be more differences based on who had them and what they were used for.
Where the Zariman was used by general people and was meant to be a colony ship, its more bland and typical, similar to how our relays look and how corpus ships are. whereas the Duviri ship has orokin filigree and is more aesthetically pleasing, to fit the orokin who would use it, which would also explain why the man-creature on horseback looked so similar to a dax, since the Duviri people could have used what they found on it as a basis of the orokin lifestyle (and why that concept image shown at a devstream seemingly portrayed them as Orokin imitators)
Therefore until we have 100% proof from DE staff or anything DE gives out that proves that the ship in the background is actually the Zariman, while DE could have changed what it looked like, i doubt it, especially since the Rell comic and Sacrifice are so recent in terms of the story and there wasn't really a reason to change it, therefore based on the evidence we have on hand, its better to assume its a different ship entirely, just that it is the same style as the Zariman, although the evidence of things being an entirely different dimension allowing for it to be a different dimension Zariman, therefore causing the Paradox, its probably something involving the actual Duviri and either how they got there or why they look so much like orokin
Edit: people are saying that the Zariman was a military ship, but the passages saying that in the wiki are based on the Rhino and Ember codex's so can be wrong. also at the end of the second dream they talk about being on the ship and when you say you remember studying, you mention that you knew basically everything about Tau, indicating that it was a colony ship where they were on that was heading to Tau, which of course failed in the void jump
I also am not saying vehemently "THIS IS NOT THE ZARIMAN!!!", i'm simply saying that we cannot outright assume that the ship is actually the Zariman since evidence points more to it being a different variant of the ship, and while people are saying that it might just be a different dimension version or something to fit the Paradox theme, we don't actually know how this paradox will work, will it be a time paradox? or some other sort? until we have more info its safer to say it can't be the zariman until we know further details
TLDR: evidence suggest the Duviri ship isn't actually the zariman but just a ship of the same design, with more orokin stylings, so until there is actually confirmation its better to think of it as being a different ship
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